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She loves to hate him...
He hates to love her...
And it just might get them both killed.

Tru is a thief.
Always has been.
But that's about the end.
All she needs is this one, last job. One final heist to fund her future.
And nothing will stand in her way.
Including her ex-husband.
Will made a big mistake showing up in her life again. Acting like he regretted walking away from their partnership.
And their marriage.
If he thinks he can worm his way back into her life, and her bed, then he's wrong.
On one count anyway.
He does owe her something for what he put her through.
Will isn't a thief.
This job is more of a find and recover operation.
Only he found more than he bargained for.
And now Will intends to bring it all with him when he leaves.
Including the one thing he never should have lost.
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Hate is usually a strong word.
Not when it comes to Cooper.
Gretchen hates his guts.
And now he's the only thing standing between her and a trip to Spain.
But asking for his help means being close to a man she can't help but be attracted to in spite of herself.
Which only makes her hate him more.
She's got two options.
Miss out on the trip of a lifetime, or risk being close to the man who burned her once.
And might set her on fire again.
Pink damn hair haunts Cooper's dreams.
Gretchen is the kind of woman nightmares are made of. The kind that ruin a good night's sleep and leave a man strung tight, wishing he could go back in time.
That woman holds her grudge against him with a death grip, and he'd love nothing more than to pry those misguided assumptions from her glittery tipped fingers.
Then show her she has nothing to be upset about.
When she asks for help training her beloved shepherd, Duchess, he can't resist the opportunity to be close to a woman who shines like no one else he's ever met.
Unfortunately, Duchess hates him more than Gretchen does.
And the trip she's so excited to take sounds too good to be true.

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Luke is half a man.
Beatrice is all woman.
The kind of woman he shouldn’t dare want. Not with what he lost.
But the way she looks at him fosters a hope he hasn’t felt in way too long. Like she sees more than what’s missing.
Or maybe like it doesn’t matter.
But it does matter. His body isn’t the only thing that’s broken and no woman deserves the hell his mind puts him through every day.
And all night.
Unless he can find a way to get past it, this is it for him. Half a man.
Half a life.
Beatrice can’t figure out where it all went wrong. Somewhere in the last ten years she lost herself. Her hopes. Her dreams.
Her worth.
She has to find that person she used to be. For herself.
For Luke.
He saved her. Protected her when she didn’t deserve protecting. Treated her like more than the object she’d allowed herself to become. Showed her how a real man carries himself while he carried her from the biggest mistake of her life.
But the haunted look in his eyes keeps her up at night.
She could help him.
If she could just figure out how to help herself.
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